caging water

caging water



the prospects of actually finding you

had become so dauntingly monstrous

the multitude of possibilities tangented

by a thousand near-misses, that

it began to seem like caging water

learning to tame a power

so much more than you could ever understand,

an impossibility that, if you could wrap

your head around it, from mandible to

coronal suture would be the distance

a god particle need travel to unite with another.


I can chase specters, and even their shadows

but I cannot keep pursuit of all the heartstrings

the trajectories they must fulfill

micromiracles that shard upon reentry

and sear the futurememory

with dreams that may only be

flashes of an iteration.

Is that you around the corner? or is it

the heartwrenching void that smells familiar?

like the ferric sting to the air after a life

extinguishes from a dimension

and a love turns dark, a screen blank of credits

no names to the story creators

as the story was just unwritten.


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