[the] wind

[the] wind


[the] wind is a nothingness

until it meets trees

a recalescent love affair

fleeting and persistent

at a moment’s gust

its face, thrust into oakleaf

and the way it makes

ivy an emerald waterfall

of a lover’s hair

swept by its breath

each leaf shivers to

their own tonic

a nearsilent chorus

of photosynthetic seraphim

[the] wind is an absentee presence

an oxymoron in theory, but not practice

up to the fraction of spacetime

when it howls across

the aural canal

the roar of a thousand souls

trapped in limbo, seeing,


to the other dimensions, possibilities

loud enough to drown jet engine

there is somehow a comfort

in the harrowing

[the] wind is a lapse in control

a power that proves

only finitely harvestable

in the sailbillowing historical

a narrative of shaping rock

with a meteorological histrionic

the underappreciated partner

to [the] water


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