I am the Detroit Lions of this league
 the Lions of a few years ago…when did they suck real bad?
I am only really good at one thing:
I like to get beat epically bad
  embarrass me. mark shame upon my visage.
I am the Hockey (or Soccer) player
     who leads his team in Own-Goals
I bleed to fuck up, even when there is
a faint hope. I smash it with futility
   a weapon of self-beratement in the locker room of life
   that cooler of Fantasy Gatorade better watch its ass
I find ways to lose better than
Indiana Jones sniffing out Nazi Conspiracies
my opponents revel in seeing me
       take the fantasy field,
  “start the third-stringers!” is their deathchant
yet, I do not cringe
I march forward into fantasy impotence
  almost with a dumb kid’s grin,
because I know I’m good at more.
more than just losing.
losing, in incommodious fashion
I know I have utility.


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