“FUCK SEATTLE!” Battle Raps v1.0

Battle Raps

About How Seattle’s Crap



::September 21st, death knell to Summer, all these dicks walkin’ ’round sayin, “It’s a bummer!”::Can’t wait for the rain to come, drown you all out like slugs, city full of Replicants trippin’ on drugs, thinkin’ they human::Catch that funky whiff in the air? Smells like cumin. Teflon Love God, wringing in Autumn, the sweetness of humanity hitting rock bottom::Soon I’ll be strung up in a noose of soccer scarves, civil war, not unlike the Stars and Bars, the racism runs so deep, these assholes in denial they’re asleep, somehow it’s you sow what you reap::Backwards humanism built narcissistic, dark the sky goes ballistic, being the center of attention was ne’er realistic::Pull my blade out slow, yes, yes, you can kiss this::Cut a white man’s beard off the way you did the hair of anyone tribal, can’t wait for the end of your rule to sound it’s arrival::Can’t take it all too seriously, cuz sometimes I raps straight to twitter, battle rhymes that callous your hands like a pipe-fitter::For your benefit, I even drop lyrics on the shitter::


::I don’t deliver stammered rants and I’ll never bring back Hammer Pants, your white hipster aesthetic is bullshit, I really wish y’all would please quit, full of affect, style over substance, the worried look on Casey Affleck’s countenance::At 2:22 in the afternoon, I’m a third the way through Hell, I laugh at all you microphone neophytes trying to cast a spell::When I boogie, I don’t Anne, I Donny Hathaway, gentrified cityscape homogeny, diversity went ‘that-a-way’::From Brier to Spanaway, witness nothing but aspiring yuppie progeny, but you wanna know what’s wrong with me?!?::I’m just a preachy artist in the hood, I read Nietzsche, cuz Descartes ain’t all that good::


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