What Rhymes With November?…Dismember

What Rhymes With November? Dismember…


a battle rhyme of conspiratorial proportion

as the saying goes

loose lips sink ships

traitors are smote and

the truth is verboten

while you think tits

I drink amidst hips

yes, that’s a quote and

where there’s fire, it’s smokin’

thicker than the cigar

of “Bombs Away” LeMay

quicker than covering up

Pigs in the Bay

Kool Keith once said


except when I pause

to expose your rhyme scheme’s porous

lyrics uglier than Uncle Fester

or the findings of Arlen Specter

ghost of the Warren Commission

shoulda been Federal Bureau

of Dismissin’…cuz yer fishin’

the conspiracy choking

on the truth

following the trail

of dead sleuths

the shadows are alive alright

with those thinkin’ they

carry the light

armed to the beef

to turn us all

to cracked teeth

so many angles of impose

when the emperor disrobes

and commands his agents

Immanentize the Dimentia!”

some of us spirit ardents

sing, up up


competing salvos of battle cry

but I’m no ally, just as a Valkyrie

in the anguish of your

Extinguish Event, I’ll look you in the eye

redacted documents now admissible

your mouth finally kissable

as it goes cold, back to the fold

we return, hiding in the green canopy

of a place possibly Cascadia


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