Random Manny Rumination 1.0

With a minimum of fifty career plate appearances against a pitcher, Manny Ramirez used to eat Jamie Moyer’s lunch. He probably caught him in the hallway to the clubhouse and took Moyer for his lunch money, too. In 61 plate appearances facing down Moyer’s repertoire of 13 variations on a change-up, Manny slugged a lip-smackingly juicy .963!! That’s 6 singles, 3 doubles and TEN homers. To add some context to that, Ramirez had 133 plate appearances against Mike Mussina, in which he slugged a very respectable .618 (37 singles, 6 doubles, ONE triple, and 11 home runs). Yes the sample size is 54.14% bigger than against Moyer, with Manny facing Mussina the most times in his career. Yet, is that enough to tilt towards the sample size argument and not the Manny-just-really-saw-Moyer’s-slow-tumblers-quite-well argument? I mean, Manny has the most career home runs off of Moyer, albeit Moyer gave up 522 home runs in his career, so maybe we’re not supposed to fully answer that question.


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