blackwinged afterthought

blackwinged afterthought


footprints carved into the wet sand,

a thousand tiny monuments to what was.

the way we see Easter Island mysterious,

those footprints

run all around and right up to that edge

where the meticulous breath of the ocean

swallows them out of history.

onyx-feathered ravens of mystical proportion

give fleeting chase to the sepia shadows of humanity,

leaden in footprints soon washed away by the sea

and her repetitive bosom.

they all keep a memory, the ravens and the ocean,

much the same as we keep an entwisted

record of the past,

in the feigned hopes of illuminating a future path.

the basal nerve ganglia of the sea is everywhere,

even in the nightblack flight of the ravens

checking the liminal space from water to

the vacuum beyond,

which we rarely considered as anything

beyond capital expansion.


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