God of Dreams


I am the God of Dreams

I spread them like stains of gasoline across

the surface of water

like stratocumulus clouds:

flirting with the world’s end

scraping the edges of

the plateaus or pueblos that

form the very tops of canyons

I cast them out

like ice cubes

in a drink, that you pour over with self-examination


I am the God of Dreams

I drive Madness out of Sanity, and

sit Hope down in the throne of Despair


I can make the sky light up

with music

and inspire the most hindered composers

as the clouds rush by in a flurry of notes and colors


I am the God of Dreams

I can make you fly

un-aided, like

you were born to elevate

above all the tyranny of grounded life


:make flightless beings

touch the ethereal mist

rendered as atmosphere


I can help you realize

your next step

without hesitation

without second-guessing…


…resuscitate broken hearts:

with Desire…Inspiration

as the final piece of a once

shattered puzzle

:transform the Abstracts:




Compassion    (among many)

into an elite class of Tangibles


I am the God of Dreams

and the Fates are my muses

Hope is my Mistress


impossible connections are strung together

at my touch unfelt

a myriad of pasts, futures, and presents

all congregate at the headstone of Confusion

and give birth to Clairvoyance resurrected…


I am the God of Dreams

yet, like any God,

without True Believers:

I can wither into the shadows

of Reality

and ache upon my arrival at:




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