Baseball Trivia 040517b

In my 14 major league seasons as a second baseman, I started 13 of those on Opening Day at second for the only team I ever played for (currently still a team record). I am a Hall of Famer with 51.2 WAR. For second basemen during the span of my career, with a minimum of 4000 PAs, only Joe Gordon has more home runs (253-to-223). However, I have 272 more RBIs than Gordon, negligibly edge him in OPS (.823-to-.822), and fall just shy in OPS+ (120 for Gordon and 115 for me). I was a nine-time All Star and Friday (April 7th, 2017) is my 99th birthday; yes, I’m still alive. In my only World Series, I slugged .591 in a losing effort. I currently, tenuously hold sixth place on the all-time leaderboard for doubles in my franchise’s history with 381. I am the only person with my surname to play in the majors. Can you guess who I am in time to wish me a happy birthday?


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