Dictionary of Baseball Player Names 040517b: Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson. adj. – the pain of getting racked in the testicles with just about any object; more succinctly, this is the pain of having a baseball hurtle into your balls – even with a cup/jock strap on – after it has bounced off the ground immediately following a bunt attempt on a 91 mph cutter from pitcher Colin Rea that probably had a spin rate of 2750 rpm. this is not exactly the same as having testicular torsion (see Adrian Beltre) while fielding a groundball. this is, unfortunately, usually a pain suffered by umpires, due mostly to the trajectory and launch angle of the ball after pinballing from bat-to-ground-to-balls. interjection – the curse that umpire David Rackley was yelling into the dirt as he lay behind home plate, writhing in the worst pain that people with testicles know of, on the lurid afternoon of May 22nd, 2016.

Author’s Note: as the owner of a pair of testicles and endurer of this sort of pain at least once in my lifetime, the humor found in this moment is accompanied by a significant, deep sympathy for the umpire in question. Watching someone get blasted in the nuts is still funny as hell, though.


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