Baseball Trivia 041117

Playing from 1994-to-2007, this third baseman had a brief, yet utterly frustrating stint with the Seattle Mariners. Since the M’s are the author’s hometown team, He quickly became the center of my ire. I loathed him with a passion uncommonly meted out to people I don’t know. He produced a flaccid, wrinkly OPS+ of 64 (SIXTY FOUR!!!) in 840 Plate Appearances with the Mariners. This third sacker farted out -0.2 WAR in his two Seattle seasons, creating worse psychological damage than Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Pacific Northwest. In his time here, it is rumored that more Seattleites committed suicide due to his piss poor play at the plate and in the field than there were heroin overdoses. Logging nearly 1700 innings in the field, he was a feckless -8 Defensive Runs Saved for the M’s. For that, he should have been the recipient of a wicked hop to the nuts instead of Adrian Beltre. He “contributed” -2.92 Win Probability Added to those Seattle clubs. In short, he was a black fucking hole that seemed intent on only vacuuming up just about $14 million in completely undeserved salary instead of ground balls hit up the line. Rightly so, this sad excuse for a third baseman didn’t receive a single vote in his lone appearance on the BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot. The trade to acquire him is often viewed as one of the worst the M’s have made in recent history, almost as bad as the Heathcliff Slocumb trade. Granted, in the four years leading up to his arrival in Seattle, he slashed .322/.391/.464 with a 110 OPS+ and 18.6 WAR. Can you put the name to the face that adorned my dart board during those years?


Once again, thanks to Baseball Reference and FanGraphs.


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