Baseball Trivia ¡Triple Play! 041217

The subject of one of our recent trivia questions, Dick Allen hit the first regular season home run at the Astrodome. It was April 12th, 1965 and he hit it off Bob Bruce. It was a two-run shot to center field with one one in the 3rd inning and two out. The runner on is Part 1 of this question.

He was a utility infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies who had a pedestrian 2.3 WAR in 940 career games. His son would later become a GM, taking the job over immediately after the franchise in question won its most recent World Series title.

Part 2: This Hall of Famer and three-time MVP is said to have actually hit the first Astrodome dinger. It’s not official, as it was hit during an exhibition game prior to the regular season premier of the new park. He has 109.7 career WAR

Part 3: This now-deceased, one-time NL MVP hit the last home run in the Astrodome. This blast also occurred in the 3rd inning, but was a solo shot.

Think you can name all three?!?

*Thanks to Baseball Reference and Baseball Almanac for the info/research tools.


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