Baseball Trivia 041317

One of the most naturally, physically gifted athletes to play the game, this one-time All-Star has 13.0 career WAR. With a Howitzer of an arm, he has 35 outfield assists in just 783 chances, despite racist narratives that purport him to play absent-mindedly, with “reckless abandon,” or to fall asleep/give up on some plays. Certainly a take that rarely is applied to White players. In 55 career PAs at Wrigley Field, he’s slashed .383/.473/.617 with an OPS of 1.090 and 161 OPS+. Totaling 18 Wrigley hits, this right fielder has doubled thrice, homered twice, tripled and driven in six runs.

He’s documented as an astute breakdancer, evidenced by footage from locker room post-game antics.

More about his throwing arm, shall we? In his rookie season, he threw out two runners trying to advance to third on ground ball hits up the line in right field. He also doubled up a runner trying to get back to first on a ball he caught at the warning track. That double play ended the inning as well.

In the first month of his rookie year he slashed .436/.467/.713, smashing seven homers in 107 PAs. That translated to an OPS+ of 227 that month.

Who is this enigmatic outfielder, who plays with unbridled, admirable passion?

Tip of the cap to Baseball Reference and Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies.


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