Baseball Trivia 041917

I don’t think I grew up in Canada, folks.

This true journeyman outfielder and utility infielder played for 12 different teams spanning across 19 major league seasons. His 265 career home runs rank him second behind Larry Walker for Canadian-born major leaguers. Of those dingers, 23 were of the pinch-hit variety, which is an MLB record. While he played for so long and has a career OPS+ of 117, he has a curiously low career WAR of 14.3.

He is one of four Canadians to play for both the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays. The others are Denis Boucher, Shawn Hill, and Rob Ducey.

Though his physique was more John Kruk than Billy Hamilton, he did leg out 13 career triples, probably motivated by imaginary six packs of Molson Ice sitting behind the third base bag.

He wore many numbers in his career: 12, 3, 16, 11, 24, 25, 30, 35, and 59. And while his existence as a journeyman might lead you to believe he was below league average in many senses, he did have a career Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+) of 115; not a superstar, but not a castaway either. He had excellent contact rates of 84.4% in the zone and 51.9% out of the zone. He also didn’t swing at a bunch of out of the zone garbage, with a career O-Swing% of 20.4%. For context, that sloppy bastard Pablo Sandoval is the all-time leader in O-Swing% at 44.8% (per FanGraphs). In fact, our player in question is 145th in O-Swing% historically – not far behind my beloved Manny Ramirez (19.9%), in fact!

So, who is this beer-swillin’ Canuck anyway?

credit to Baseball Reference, Baseball Almanac, and FanGraphs for statistical info and extra reasons to hate Pablo Sandoval.


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