Baseball Trivia 042517b

His second career no-hitter happened to be Don Orsillo’s first game as a major league play-by-play broadcaster. On that chilly evening, the hurler in question threw 110 pitches – 69 of them for strikes – with 11 strikeouts, three walks, and a shiny and chrome game score of 95! He only received three runs of support from his squad, who would finish the season in the top half of the league in scoring with 4.80 runs per game. At season’s end, the man behind door number three had a 13-10 record with a 4.50 ERA. His FIP was 4.03, indicating that he pitched better than a 4.50 ERA guy. In 198.0 innings pitched during that seasons – the only one with that team – he led the league in strikeouts (220), strikeouts per 9 (10.0), but also walks allowed (96). When the books closed on his career, he had a record of 123-109 with a 4.24 ERA and 1918 strikeouts. Those nearly 2000 Ks are good enough for 10th most in the period spanning the entirety of his career, which also had a three-year hiatus from the majors.

This one should be significantly easier than today’s previous post. Who is this mofo?


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