Baseball Trivia 050417

Almost never gonna see this happen to today’s player in question.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the announcers point out that this player had only walked once so far this season (right before he drew his second walk on a wild pitch).

I quickly went to Baseball Reference and FanGraphs to see how crappy this hitter’s on-base percentage was. To my instant surprise, I stared at an above average number of .344, up 52 points from his rookie campaign last year. Now granted, this is a pretty small sample size of 90 PAs, but as I understand, in another 60 or so PAs his numbers should indicate a decent idea within a range of what we can expect from this infielder for the rest of the season.

He’s hitting well so far this season, a .314 average and .810 OPS (numbers before today’s game, of course). Additionally, he’s been hit by a pitch three times, which ranks him in the top 10 for that category on the young season.

Interestingly, his K% is an excellent 12.2%, but that 1.1% BB% is detestable, to say the least. Seems a bit quizzical that he’s an above average on-base guy…then again, the sample size is still small and he’s beating all expectations. So maybe we’ll soon see the forest for the trees.

Wager any guesses?

PS – There are only five players with two or less walks and 90 or more PAs so far this season. One of them, Aledmys Diaz was an All-Star last year and another, Wil Myers, will likely be an All-Star this year.


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