Baseball Trivia 051317

Worth almost exactly the same in bWAR and I also didn’t appear in the World Series last fall. Oh, Stubbs rhymes with chubs.

Spanning 21 PAs, this player only played eight games for the team that originally signed him as a free agent out of the International Pool. Since then, he has been involved in two different three-team trades. Of all the other players included in those two trades, two of them appeared in the 2016 World Series. The player in question did not. He is perceived as a slick fielder and good defender, but his career Defensive Runs Saved – per FanGraphs – is -4 as of this date. Additionally, he makes only 71.6% of “likely” plays, plays that should be made, but are not considered certain outs. For context, Brendan Ryan, who is verifiably a good defender (maybe even great) made 82.0% of those types of plays while he was in the majors. He has a rather pedestrian, yet position-appropriate slash line of .262/.313/.394 and is worth 8.4 bWAR for his career to date. Interestingly enough, the sum total bWAR of all the other players in those two three-team deals is north of 50! Can you name him?


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