a deep, unsettled feeling of pointlessness

possibly the fissure

in the plate tectonics of

existential crises

running from the horror of the past

right into the spinning blades of the

ever-marching future

arriving at the doorstep of the present

that stomachsick reality setting in

we’re just mulch to compost

rich nutrients for the powerful

krill floating just above

the soaring, gaping mouth of a whale

the whole system will collapse soon

maybe it already has

but can we bring on the fucking apocalypse already?

that way we can adjust our way of living

and stop bouncing around

in this liminal purgatory


Willful Ignorance: The Undying




I’m not going to belabor discussing the events that transpired over the last 48 hours in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is my presumption that you are aware, to some degree, at this point what happened: Neo-Nazi assclowns happened. What I am here to discuss is my disgust at the White Liberal, so-called “Progressive,” reaction. Wait, lemme back up before some of you White-identified folks get all offended (another subconscious, unintentional tick of White Privilege), because you don’t dare want to be associated with the hate-mongers or the White Private sphere that can hold Blackness/Coloredness/Otherness at arm’s length while still professing to “be down” or preaching bumperstickers of “Coexist.”

Yeah, I know. First off, y’all gonna be like, “But you’re White, aren’t you?” Ethnically yes, I am part White, including what Whiteness never meant to Italians and Germans until quite recently (and even then, Italians have a special place of still being sorta “unwashed”). But, I’m also part Black; I’m also a descendant, in part, of people from the Blackfeet Confederacy and the Nez Perce. But where I separate it out, where you can also separate it out, is to refute Whiteness in any way you can. I don’t, in any way, portend to deny my entire heritage, but I refuse to reap benefits and privileges sown on the bloodied and broken backs of so many of my ancestors.

This is not Hate Speech. I know that when anyone not in the seat of Power talks up at the top, it is often received as Hate. Fuck off, Snowflakes! That is, by definition, the very obstruction of your treasured First Amendment. This is, however, Anger Speech. Learn the difference, motherfuckers.

So, what exactly am I angry about? Aside from a baseline abhorrence for the White Supremacist world we live in, that is. I am sick and beyond tired of the White Liberal reaction (you said that before, man…yeah, I know, but it needs repeating). I am tired of sifting through thousands of tweets and facebook posts and comments on TV news program tickers with the same, platitudinal bullshit response. The response goes something like this:

“This has no place in our society. This is un-American. This is anti-American. This isn’t what our country stands for.” And on and on and on…

Eric Schneiderman tweeted:

“The white supremacist violence on display in #Charlottesville this weekend is an affront to everything this country represents.”


Bernie Sanders tweeted:
“The white nationalist demonstration in #Charlottesville is a reprehensible display of racism and hatred that has no place in our society.”


This betrays a deeply rooted naivete, even willful ignorance of what this country has always been and exactly how the fuck it was built, through slavery and genocide. It also reeks of this unfortunate clutching to the most imbedded, masterfully crafted propaganda ever written: that this is a Democracy, that we are represented and protected all. That this country was ever set up to be anything but a tool to harvest riches for the rulers is a fallacy. A fallacy that, when believed in so deeply, makes way for the continued daily, nonchalant activities of genocide. America is a ghastly vampire; America truly eats its young. And enough people have bought that bill of fetid goods long enough that this is the norm.

Others offer up sentiments such as this:
“I think the people of this country as a whole seriously need to take a long hard look in the mirror after their behavior at #Charlottesville


This is such horseshit. The shock that this happens again betrays a willful ignorance. A willful ignorance of what happens every day in our country. Your White surprise, unfortunately, is a rung in the support scaffolding of White Supremacy exactly because it still denies the daily reality of being Black. Or First Nations. Or Trans. And on and on and on. That shock is born of a frightened need to believe, for the sake of your own fragile psyche, that shit like Neo-Nazi assclowns happening is outside of the norm. That this doesn’t happen except for in times of pure insanity.

Have y’all read a fucking history book?!? Have you paid even scant attention to the news in your lifetime; of cops gunning Black people down in the streets, the CIA importing cocaine for the express intent of flooding the inner cities with crack, what life is like on a reservation, ad nauseum?

So, can we stop talking in these placative phraseologies? Can we start acknowledging the truth of the nature of this country? Because if not, I’m pretty certain nothing substantial enough will change and we might just devolve into utter and total chaos (though we’re pretty close in some ways)./end rant




Baseball Trivia 052017

Jake Arrieta, Sandy Koufax, and Tim Lincecum are three of the five players in major league history to have thrown two no-hitters, won a Cy Young Award, and won a World Series title. Can you name the other two? Between the two of them they have 666 wins and 411 losses. They’ve combined for 7,458 strikeouts – 1,744 more than Nolan Ryan on his own, which would still place a pitcher 119th on the career list for strikeouts. They’ve also combined for 201.6 WAR, with both players in the top 35 all time.

Baseball Trivia 051317

Worth almost exactly the same in bWAR and I also didn’t appear in the World Series last fall. Oh, Stubbs rhymes with chubs.

Spanning 21 PAs, this player only played eight games for the team that originally signed him as a free agent out of the International Pool. Since then, he has been involved in two different three-team trades. Of all the other players included in those two trades, two of them appeared in the 2016 World Series. The player in question did not. He is perceived as a slick fielder and good defender, but his career Defensive Runs Saved – per FanGraphs – is -4 as of this date. Additionally, he makes only 71.6% of “likely” plays, plays that should be made, but are not considered certain outs. For context, Brendan Ryan, who is verifiably a good defender (maybe even great) made 82.0% of those types of plays while he was in the majors. He has a rather pedestrian, yet position-appropriate slash line of .262/.313/.394 and is worth 8.4 bWAR for his career to date. Interestingly enough, the sum total bWAR of all the other players in those two three-team deals is north of 50! Can you name him?

Baseball Trivia 050517: The X-Man Cometh (A Triple Entendre)

Who’s the Man?!?

Earlier today, I was reading a very well thought out article by Dave Cameron of FanGraphs. Wait…..is anything FanGraphs produces not well thought out? Mr. Cameron was inspecting some odd, paradoxical elements to Xander Bogaerts‘ game – primarily his batted ball profile. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest that you do. Dave, like Jeff Sullivan, is astute, with a wide breadth of knowledge, but very accessible to those of us who love analytics, but don’t have all the practical math on our side. In short, they are both quite adept at disseminating information to enlighten the rest of us.

By the end of the article, based on some anomalous aspects of X-Man’s batted ball profile, I got to thinking about another hitter who I’ve seen a lot of and sensed some (potentially loose) parallel between the two. Not everything points to a direct correlation in batted ball profile, or beyond that, but it struck a chord with me. Maybe I’m just crazy? Maybe I’d prefer to fill this slow afternoon bartending shift with some baseball musings.

Some info that does not draw a plus comparison between the two, but could be an additional hint for ye truth seekers. Xander has a World Series ring, Player X does not, but he does have a Rookie of the Year trophy and was an MVP. Bogey has averaged 2.28 WAR (provided you remove the noise of his initial call-up) and Player X 3.34 WAR per year. Alright, now for some tabular data to see if y’all can guess who I’m talkin’ about.

[table caption=”Slap Chop, Single In the Hole”]


Xander Bogaerts,6.7%,18.2%,.122,102

The Myth The Legend,6.0%,10.0%,.092,105


Remember, this is career data.

[table caption=”Slice and Dice, Twice As Nice”]

Player,Slash Line,Career OPS+


Who Dis?,.312/.356/.404,107


Are you forming a picture in your mind yet? Here’s some more data!

[table caption=”3, 2, 1…Contact!”]

Player,Contact Rate,Zone Contact,Out of Zone Contact

Xander The Mander,80.6%,88.9%,67.2%

Master & Commander,89.0%,93.5%,78.8%


Any idea who this is? When you line up and compare some of those rates, they don’t seem as similar as I first thought while reading the original article, but I thought it would be a fun way to set up today’s trivia question. You know, variety is the spice of life and people – all three of you that read these fuckin’ things – will get bored with a tirelessly repeated format.

Oh, by the way, the player who is the answer to the question a right fielder (as opposed to X, who plays short) and is almost certainly a Hall of Famer five years after he hangs it up.